Meryl Streep, Apples, & Alar
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bandit hickaloo
2015-01-25 18:33:39 UTC
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hope you like these:

Fought I with my strength to build a life worth joy/But instead I remained a victim, for fate a wretched toy/Nothing I touched ever turned to gold or gilt/Everything I sought became dross to the utter hilt/For once I wish things had reached what I deserved indeed/Rather than rotten, reeking disaster's seed/Tell the world I tried, I strove but hideously failed/Tell the world I wept when Lady Luck coldly bailed/Now I'm gone and broken, a corpse in the frozen earth/Doomed I was to fail from the very second of birth.

Hope i sought to have, but it never reached my zone/Instead I perished in tears, my flesh reduced to bone/I woke up crying today, that was nothing new/But fate left my neck snapped like a lynched Ukrainian Jew/Dangle I do from a rafter, my pants filled with crap and piss/Life left my lungs with a prolonged gasping hiss/Spread the news to those who knew me, I can't call them friends/I had none in my life, all I had were Depends.
2016-07-28 02:35:16 UTC
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On Thursday, October 1, 1998 at 12:00:00 AM UTC-7, P.J. Gladnick wrote:
> Did Meryl Streep ever apologize for basically destroying the apple industry
> a few years ago with her misinformed comments about alar? There was one
> season where apple sales plummeted because of the alar scare due primarily
> to Streep's dopey opinions about alar. The apple industry made a slow
> comeback after assuring the public that alar was relatively harmless.
> However, I have heard no comment since then on this subject from Streep.
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Just saw her on the DNCC. Therefore I am never going to watch any more of her movies and I am voting for Trump! "Shut up and act!"