Transcript- Cruise/Kidman Fight
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We all fight that way, so to me the Rose meant she minimized what she wanted to say because he was yelling and she couldn't yell back, she was working he knew that so he got it out, she knew his career meant more that is why he married her, not to watch her career grow but to expand his.
When he worked she watched the kids so him not being there for one night just means he didn't want to support her, she did much better for her career
After him, he was top gun once now he is the crazy mission impossible old dude.
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Wow, hard to believe this was 17 years ago!
Saturday, February 17, 2001
Recording of phone row gives amazing insight on the stars' troubled marriage
THE collapse of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman's marriage has been the showbiz
sensation of the year. And yesterday Australian magazine New Idea published an
extraordinary transcript of a conversation between the glamour couple.
The mobile phone call, illegally taped two years ago, reveals their marriage
was often explosive. The call was recorded by US photo- grapher Eric Ford while
Nicole was on set filming Practical Magic.
Ford got six months detention for illegal interception of the call.TOM: Nic,
come on, you've just got to f*****g let up on me for a second, OK? Yes, you do
Nic. Look at the things that I do do all right, and stop making me walk around.
That makes me feel terrible you saying that, it makes me feel like s*** and I
don't like feeling like s**t. You should make me feel good.
NICOLE: Oh, God - get off it! You don't like feeling like s***t." Make yourself
feel good!
TOM: I'm telling you Nic - I'm telling you how I feel, too.
NICOLE: We've been hanging on by a f*****g thread, OK? A thread. You know it
and I know it.
TOM: Nic, I want this relationship, OK? You know that and I have been making an
effort. I have been!
NICOLE: (sighs) Tom, you know you haven't.
TOM: (voice raised) What are you talking about? How much more of an effort? Do
you want me to f*****g drive you to work every day?
TOM: No, I'm telling you Nic, it's like you're being unreasonable man, and I'm
sorry, but you are being f*****g unreasonable (shouting).
NICOLE: No, you know...
TOM: (shouting) What do I know, Nic?
NICOLE: Just look at your behaviour!
TOM: Because it's frustrating Nic, that's why I'm yelling. Because at a certain
point, an individual has to say: 'What are you talking about?'
NICOLE: Not an individual Tom, stop talking in generalisations! You know
exactly what I'm talking about. And you can yell and scream and carry on and
swear, but you know exactly what I'm talking about.
TOM: No I don't Nic. Tell me what I haven't done. I didn't go out to the set
tonight to see you.
NICOLE: Not tonight, Tom. Have you done anything? Have you come out to the set
once? OK? Have you sent me a rose? Have you...
TOM: Have you sent me a rose? I came home with two roses...
NICOLE: Did you give me anything? Did you give me a note, did you give me a
bunch of flowers?
TOM: Nic, did I get any flowers when I came back from Eyes Wide Shut? I was
waiting here, I had the candles lit, I had a bath ready for you.
NICOLE: I don't really want this, OK? I don't want to spend my whole dinner
break on the phone yelling.
TOM: No, because you think about what you don't have Nic. Why don't you try
thinking about what you do have?
NICOLE: No, Tom, I know what I have. I have two glorious, beautiful children, I
had a great relationship that is now not a great relationship, OK? I know that,
I know that.
TOM: (voice softens) OK Nic, all right. OK.
NICOLE: I have a career that I work very, very hard at and so do you. But I
have a loving, loving family. I know all of this.
TOM: All right.
NICOLE: And until we start admitting something and dealing with this stuff,
it's never going to go anywhere Tom. It just gets worse and worse. You know, it
surprised me that I didn't get anything on the first day of the shoot.
TOM: Right, Nic! I bought you the most beautiful Indian jewellery a week ago
for finishing a picture and for starting your new picture. I knew everything
that was going on, Honey come on. You knew I went out of my way. You knew.
(Nicole tries to interrupt, Tom raises his voice) It's about the fact that I
love you Nic!
NICOLE: A little red rose, it's something...
TOM: Nic...
NICOLE:You want to know something? No, Tom, it's not... (tape inaudible) You
yell and scream and hurl abuse and say I'm so f***ed to have a relationship
with, and I'm so awful, and I'm such a bitch and all this stuff - well you want
to know something? That's really bad, that's bad!
TOM: I know. I know this.
NICOLE: And that's what they name in emotional abuse!
TOM: I know, also the emotional abuse that I'm under!
NICOLE: Tom, there's no love here, right, you're under emotional abuse, I'm
abusing you, you're abusing me. Tom, this isn't worth it!
You have two very unhappy people, OK, who spend too much time apart and in the
past have hurt each other too much.
TOM: Nic, everything's fine and then it's like you go on about I didn't get you
a rose for starting... a week ago, a week ago you were going and I got you the
beautiful Indian jewellery. It's like one thing, it's like I don't do right,
it's just...
NICOLE: No, no. It's not and you knowTOM: Yes, it is Nic. I come home and I've
got two roses for you, I'm so happy to see you. I come home, you come home,
I've got the candles lit, I've got the kids organised for you in bed, and what
do you say?
(Nicole tries to interrupt)
TOM: (raised voice) No, listen to me Nic, listen to me!
NICOLE: I'm not doing this now, OK?
(Tom and Nicole start talking about plans for son Connor's third birthday)
NICOLE: You don't even know this is about your child...
TOM: (sighs) I don't even care. I just want to have us a nice day. I just want
it to be us.
NICOLE: No, because Angus (husband of Nicole's sister Antonia) is coming and
you're going skiing and I'm not going to be able to come up to where you are!
TOM: Why?
NICOLE: Because I'm on stand-by. And it's too much for me anyway to be flying
up there.
TOM: You can't come up?
NICOLE:No, I can't. And I tell you something, we haven't spent any time
together Tom! You just don't make an effort. I come home and all you ever say
is: 'I'm exhausted.'
TOM: Honey, I said that last night. I did not say that the night before.
NICOLE: Yes, you did, Tom, you did. All right? You did. And then it was the
first thing you said tonight. And I'm sick of it, I'm sick of it! And if it's
not: 'I've got to get the kids from school,' it's: 'I'm working, I don't have
any time for you.'And Tom, I've heard this for so long now and you're not
working now and you're still saying it.
TOM: I just said I was tired, OK?
NICOLE: You're not working now!
TOM: Honey, listen to me...
NICOLE: I don't want to listen...
TOM: Listen to me Nic, just listen to me. I miss you. I love you. I think about
you all day long. You're a knucklehead, a knucklehead for thinking that I don't
care, I'm not loving. I'm embarrassed that I was tired last night. I apologise,
NICOLE: Tom. It's every night!
TOM: That's not true. Honey, that is not true. I'm recovering from a broken
foot, look at a little of the effects.
NICOLE: I do look at some of the things...you say you're exhausted. How do you
think that makes me feel? Im trying to do something for our son.
TOM: Just give him cake and he's happy, and a movie and dinner. And it will
just be you, me and Isabella. You know? I love you, OK? I care about you and I
care for you and I love you. Think of... a husband, you know, I mean...
NICOLE: Tom, I call, all I hear is: "You've gotta come, you've gotta come." I
don't hear any consideration for me or anything,... and then angry, yelling at
me on the phone. I come back and all the time you're saying how exhausted you
are. Well I'm sick of it.
TOM: Hey Nic, listen to me OK? Come on now. It's 11pm at night. I've been up
since 6.30 in the morning. OK?
'Hi baby.'
TOM: I did, and then I said: 'Hey baby.'
NICOLE: No, you did not, Tom.
TOM: I can take a little excitement. I've been waiting for you.
NICOLE: I don't want to go on and on, there's someone listening on the phone!
TOM: Who's there?
NICOLE: You know, people outside.
TOM: Oh, f**k 'em!
NICOLE: We're on the cellular!
TOM: Oh, f**k 'em, I don't care.
NICOLE: We're right on location, there'll be someone sitting outside...
TOM: Hey, Nic, Nic!
TOM: Nic, it's going to be better. We'll just be alone together on Sunday with
the kids - he'll have his cake, he'll love it, he'll have a ball. All he cares
about is that chocolate cake and getting some presents.
NICOLE: And the movie.
TOM: And the movie, he'll love the movie.
NICOLE: I've been trying to find a good movie.
TOM: I know, that was good, really good. Oh Niccy babes, come on now.
TOM: I'm a sweetheart. Why don't you just admit it? Just give in to it. Most of
the time I'm adorable. I'm just absolutely adorable, Nic (laughs). Come on,
laugh a little.
NICOLE: How is your foot?
TOM: Feeling better actually. You know, it p****s me off. I can't run, you
know, and I'm always having to put these pads on it, you know. Honey, this
school I think is terrific. I'm going to check the Montessori school out.
NICOLE: Don't bother. Hi! (starts talking to someone else in the room).
TOM: (to himself) Great (to Nicole) Do you have to go have hair and make-up
TOM: Hey Nic, listen to me, OK? I love you, Bubba. I love you. You know, you're
making a movie, we're just getting zeroed in here. I love you.
NICOLE: I have a fat ass!
TOM: (laughs) You don't have a fat ass.
NICOLE: (tape inaudible)
TOM: Really? Wow? (muffled) Listen, Nic, Listen to me, OK? I love you, I really
love you.You know I'm holding the fort down here and getting these kids and
doing my share. And I'm sorry if I was tired. I'm sorry. Oh, I'm sorry Bubba.
NICOLE: : And taking sides...
TOM: I was feeling sorry for myself having to say... 'Oh God look', you know. I
'Oh God, I hate having to call people and say... oh, you know, I just felt bad
for myself. Honey, it's fine, don't even...
NICOLE: I'm not worried, I'm just telling you...
TOM: I know, I know, I know. OK.
OK. Hello? Hello? (appears to be cut off) Niccy?
NICOLE: Hi, I'm just going to go and lie down.
TOM: OK, listen to me, OK? I love you. Just know that. All right? We're not...
by a thread.
TOM: All right?
NICOLE: (whispers) I love you.
TOM: Sleep.
TOM: I love you, bye.
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