Meryl Streep, Apples, & Alar
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bandit hickaloo
2015-01-25 18:33:39 UTC
hope you like these:

Fought I with my strength to build a life worth joy/But instead I remained a victim, for fate a wretched toy/Nothing I touched ever turned to gold or gilt/Everything I sought became dross to the utter hilt/For once I wish things had reached what I deserved indeed/Rather than rotten, reeking disaster's seed/Tell the world I tried, I strove but hideously failed/Tell the world I wept when Lady Luck coldly bailed/Now I'm gone and broken, a corpse in the frozen earth/Doomed I was to fail from the very second of birth.

Hope i sought to have, but it never reached my zone/Instead I perished in tears, my flesh reduced to bone/I woke up crying today, that was nothing new/But fate left my neck snapped like a lynched Ukrainian Jew/Dangle I do from a rafter, my pants filled with crap and piss/Life left my lungs with a prolonged gasping hiss/Spread the news to those who knew me, I can't call them friends/I had none in my life, all I had were Depends.
2016-07-28 02:35:16 UTC
Did Meryl Streep ever apologize for basically destroying the apple industry
a few years ago with her misinformed comments about alar? There was one
season where apple sales plummeted because of the alar scare due primarily
to Streep's dopey opinions about alar. The apple industry made a slow
comeback after assuring the public that alar was relatively harmless.
However, I have heard no comment since then on this subject from Streep.
"Mrs. Larry King" Comix
Just saw her on the DNCC. Therefore I am never going to watch any more of her movies and I am voting for Trump! "Shut up and act!"